Leader One

Paris to Nice championship

Round 1

Stage 1 from Saint-Germain-en-Laye to Nemours is complete with Mark's Roulier holding the honours at this early stage.

David's Roulier won the race, but Marks was the fastest in the sprint zones and the time trial.

Stephen's leader is a close third and can be considered to be best placed for the long haul ahead!


CyclistTypePositionCarried Energy
MarkRoulier-2 Turns8
DavidRoulier-1 Turns15
StephenLeader+1 Turns1
MarkLeader+2 Turns4
StephenRoulier+3 Turns12
DavidLeader+4 Turns0
DavidClimber+7 Turns10
MarkClimber+8 Turns12
StephenClimber+10 Turns1

Stage Map